Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!!!

Yay!  It's Halloween season - the best time of the year!  I'm seriously looking forward to cooler temperatures, the wind blowing through my hair, finally being able to wear cute sweaters and jackets again.. and of course Halloween!!!  Halloween time at Sassy! also means TONS of hunt prizes and gifts.  There were so many that I had to combine them all into 2 shots rather than have a separate pic for each one!
The best part?  They're all FREE!!! 
Halloween 2011 Hunt Prizes

Come down and celebrate Halloween with us. The sim decorations are teed like Halloween Town from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas and there's even a mini-scavenger hunt on the sim (as part of the Tales of Terror Hunt) for some really great prizes!
Halloween 2011 Tales of Terror Prizes

There are 10 prizes on the sim. 6 of them are from Sassy!, shown above. And the other four are from other talented vendors on the sim:
Tales of Terror prizes other copy

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