Saturday, December 22, 2012

December 2012

And finally, here's catching up with December 2012:

Starlet gown for Twisted Krissmuss 2012
Starlet gown for the Twisted Krissmuss sale (Dec 7 - Jan 4)

London shearling jacket @ Winter Fair London knit jacket @ Winter Fair
London jacket in 2 styles at the Winter Fair (Dec 1 - Dec 20)

Frostbite dress @ FROST Fair
Frostbite sweater for the FROST Fair for Depraved Nation (Dec 12 - Jan 2)

Julia dress for SL Christmas Expo 2012
Milan dress for SL Christmas Expo 2012
Julia and Milan dresses for SL Christmas Expo 2012
100% of all proceeds benefit Relay for Life (Dec 6 - Dec 19)

Flaunt dress
Flaunt dress for Together for Sway Fundraiser (Dec 15 - Dec 31)
100% of all proceeds benefit Sway Dench in her time of need

Newport dress @ Winter Wishes Market
Newport sweater dress for Winter Wishes Market (Dec 10 - Jan 7)

Envy Me dress @ Flawless 12 days of Xmas
Envy Me dress in winter for the Flawless sim's 12 Days of Christmas (Dec 13 - Dec 24)

Fusion outfit @ Black Market
Fusion in white for the Black Market (Dec 15 - Jan 14)

And lastly, hunt prizes for December:

Peace on Earth 5 Hunt Gift
Peace on Earth 5 Hunt (Dec 1 - Jan 6)

Coquette dress - Santa's Little Diva Hunt
Santa's Little Diva Hunt (Dec 1 - Dec 30)

New in 2013 Hunt - Nevermore
New in 2013 Hunt (Dec 20 - Jan 20)


Here we go again. Another post just putting up what I didn't blog on time in November.

Anastasia dress @ Around the World Fair
Around the World Fair (Nov 15 - Nov 29)

Jubilee dress @ XYRoom
Jubilee dress @ XY Room (Nov 25 - Dec 22)

Newport dress @ Black Market
Newport sweater dress @ Black Market (Nov 15 - Dec 14)

And here are the hunt prizes available in November:

Depraved dress - Dirty Turkey Hunt
Depraved Dirty Turkey Hunt (Nov 1 - Nov 30)

Fusion - Where's the Concert Hunt 2
Where's the Concert Hunt 2 (Nov 17 - Dec 1)

Envy Me - 7 Sins Hunt Gift
7 Sins Hunt (Nov 7 - Dec 7)

Fake Baked Turkey Hunt
Fake Baked Turkey Hunt at Jersey Shore sim (Nov 1 - Nov 30)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

New in October

Now that we're somewhat caught up, here's what's new at Sassy! in October...

The SWAG Fest is running for the full month of October.  These are the Sassy! exclusives available there.

The Urban tank top and the Baggy sweatpants come in 9 great designs and coordinates perfectly. The Sporty mini-tank and mini-skirt (non-mesh) set also coordinates perfectly.
Urban top and Baggy sweatpants for SWAG Fest Sporty set for SWAG Fest
These cool Sassy Girl glasses made by Shadz are also available as a gift at the SWAG Fest.
Sassy Girl Shadz
The Boho Culture Fair has just started on Oct 15th.  My exclusive for the Fair is the Bohemian dress, gorgeously textured 9 rich colors and patterns.
Bohemian dress for Boho Culture Fair
The BlackOnly Event has also started on Oct 15th. Sassy! exclusives available only there for the duration: The Milan dress is practically touchable, with its realistically textured strapless dress with a leather corset top and a soft mini-skirt.
Milan dress for BlackOnly Event
You will feel like a starlet in this luxuriously sexy gown with cut out lace panels up the sides of both legs.
Starlet gown for BlackOnly Event
DepravedNation is also having a Scary Face Halloween gacha festival on their sim. These are 2 new items from Sassy! available there.
Pumpkin tank top gacha
Webbed bolero gacha
The new round of Black Market has also just started on Oct 15th. This version of the not yet released Jubilee dress is new and exclusive to the event and available for only 100L!
Jubilee dress for Black Market
The new round of Forgotten Closet has also just started. The theme is Halloween. Both items are available for less than 100L each.
Wisp dress for Forgotten Closet Fever catsuit - halloween
And finally, the Autumn Hunt has just started.
Autumn Hunt - Wiggle dress
The Autumn Hunt (Oct 20 - Nov 4)

News from August and September

Delinquent with blogging again.... There's a reason I'm a designer and not a blogger.  But even though August and September has come and gone, I'm posting September just to have the history available in one spot.

The Discipline vinyl dress was originally released as an exclusive for the Fashion Voodoo Fair in August 2012. It is now available in the mainstore.
Discipline dress for Fashion Voodoo
September brought a couple of new hunts:
Twisted Darkness Hunt - Mandarin vinyl
Twisted Darkness Hunt (Sept 1 - Sept 30)
Finding Fabfree Hunt - Jubilee dress
Finding FabFree Hunt (Sept 1 - Sept 30)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's August!!!

August is here and it's another ridiculous month for newness at Sassy!

The Vintage Fair has just started and Sassy! has 2 new and exclusive dresses for it.  Both Bombshell and Wiggle are sexy body-hugging dresses reminiscent of the pin-up or cocktail style dresses in the 40's and 50's.
Vintage Fair 2012 - Bombshell and Wiggle dresses

The Pink Ribbon Fair has also just started.  It is a charity event with lots of items sending 100% of their proceeds to the American Cancer Society toward breast cancer research.  Sassy! has a sexy new mini-dress release for it, with a special pink color of the dress discounted and donating 100% to the charity.  Two other pink dresses are also donating.
Contour dress

The Vanity Fair is also in full swing.  It started in July and is running through August 11th.  Sassy! has 3 new and exclusive releases for it!

The Gramercy leather corset and the Tribeca leather pants are both all mesh and are so versatile.  Easily dressed up or casual depending on what you pair with it.  I love this set!
Gramercy and Tribeca MESH corset and pants

The third exclusive release for the Vanity fair is the Modesty dress.  With full sleeves and fully covered to the neck, its very modest - if you're only looking from the front.  The back is completley open and cut low to reveal some of your best assets.
Modesty dress

Now on to the freebies!  4 new hunts have started in August!  (And since I was creating for the Pink Ribbon Fair, I was in a very pink mood.)

Past and Future Hunt Gift
Past and Future Hunt (Aug 1 - Aug 31)

Dare2Bare 4 Hunt Gift
Dare2Bare 4 Hunt (Aug 1 - Aug 31)

Sexy Bish Hunt Gift
Sexy Bish Hunt (Aug 1 - Aug 31)

Pink Ribbon Fair Hunt Gift
Pink Ribbon Fair Hunt (Aug 1 - Aug 31)

Stay tuned!  More to come in August!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

New in July

Some new releases and a must-get hunt prize for the beginning of July:

A lot of romance, a bit of innocence, a dash of mystery, a sprinkle of elegance and nothing but feminine. Sassy!'s newest release is the Intrigue blouse with sculpted ribbon collar and puff sleeves.
Intrigue blouse

Chelsea is a high-waisted mesh pant that can be elegant, business or casual. Beautifully textured and very wearable. It goes perfectly with the new Intrigue blouse too!
Chelsea mesh high-waisted pants

Fascinated is what he'll be when you wear this beautifully textured mesh halter top with keyhole front opening and open back. Come grab a demo!
Fascination mesh halter

This new month only brought the beginning of one hunt but a lot of extra TLC went into it. The new Whitney mesh gown is a must-get, especially for only L$2!!
Whitney mesh gown - Femboy Hunt Gift
Femboy Hunt (July 1 - July 15)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

More new releases and hunt prizes

Sassy! has even more new stuff in the store, new stuff at various events around the grid, new discounted item, and 4 new hunt items!

The ZombiePopcorn Carnival is on! Check out the amazing build and shop exclusives from some of the best creators on SL! The exclusive from Sassy! is a summery halter top paired with low-riding loose linen capris.
Bliss halter and Soft linen pants - ZP Carnival

The Censored District sim is having a June Festival. Sassy! has an exclusive new release there too - a sexy little mini-dress called Rapture.
Rapture mini-dress

And of course there are new hunts prizes available at the store too!
Beached Bunny Hunt 2 Gifts
Beached Bunny 2 Hunt (June 15 - June 30)
Summer Love Hunt
Depraved Summer Love Hunt (June 15 - July 15)
TOSL 2nd Bday Hunt
TOSL 2nd Birthday Hunt (June 15 - July 15)