Sunday, December 18, 2011

Two new releases at Sassy! Cozy is a cute comfy sweater with a wide rolled collar and ski sweater styled print pattern. Totally adorable! And it comes in two different lengths - a midriff-baring cropped sweater and a longer sweater dress length. You can either wear it as a dress by itself or over leggings or jeans.

Cozy sweater

Cozy sweater dress

Depraved Nation's "A Depraved and Desolate Winter" Hunt has just started. Here's the preview of the prize from Sassy!
Envy dress - ADDW Hunt Gift
ADDW Hunt (Dec 15 - Jan 15)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's Christmas @ Sassy!!

From now until January 6th, it's the Christmas at Sassy event, brought to you by the generous shops on the Sassy sim!
Christmas at Sassy sim mini-hunt

Christmas has arrived with a bang at Sassy!!! Even if you have no intention of shopping, come see the whimsical Candy Land rebuild of the sim. There are many gifts under the tree from some of the wonderful shops on the sim. And there are lots of Christmas or winter themed apparel available for all your holiday outfitting needs.

There are gacha machines and a lucky chair in the middle of the sim. Sit on Santa's lap to win prizes that will be changed weekly from now until January 6th. You can walk around and shop, visit Mr. and Mrs. Snowman, make snow angels, or just sit on a bench and take in the scenery.

There is also a sim-wide Christmas at Sassy mini-hunt available! Seek out pairs of candy canes from participating shops for lots of great Christmas goodies!

At the Sassy! Mainstore, here are some of the new prizes and gifts that are available in the store:
Sassy! New gifts and prizes for Christmas 2011

And here are some of the Christmas edition releases available either at the store or for holiday events:
Sassy! New items for Christmas 2011

Worth highlighting is that Sassy! is participating in the Twisted Krissmuss event again this year. The beautiful Sakura gown in 3 colors is on sale for only $100L for the duration of this event AND IT'S TRANSFERABLE for gifting!!! Nice $1L gift boxes are also available for packaging your gifts.
Sakura gown for Twisted Krissmuss

The Cozy sweater dress is exclusive to the Zombie Popcorn Dark Magic Winter event. Visit their sim to see an incredible build and shop for exclusive items from some of the best brands on SL.
Cozy sweater for Zombie Popcorn

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sweetest new release

The new release is the cutest little dress and I'm totally in love with it. It's so sweet that the only logical name for it is Sugar! It's an adorable strapless dress with a sculpted skirt over a tulle underskirt. A mini-skirt prim option is also given and you can even wear the dress without the sculpt skirt as a long shirt over pants or leggings.
Sugar dress all colors

And the Diamond is Mine Hunt 3 has just started.
Diamond is Mine Hunt 3 Gift
Diamond is Mine Hunt 3 (Nov 18 - Dec 15)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November newness!

Wow, I can't believe November is half over already...

Well, the Vintage Fair has just started and will be running until December 3.  Sassy! has 2 exclusive items there:
Vintage Fair - Jazzy dress in red

Vintage Fair - Jazzy dress in silver

And 3 new hunts have started on November 15th with some really awesome prizes!

Here's my recreation of one of Alice Cullen's outfits from New Moon for the Twilight Saga Hunt:
Twilight Saga Hunt Gift
Twilight Saga Hunt (Nov 15 - Dec 15)

And this was one that was definitely lots of fun to do - Hatsune Miku for the Anime Hunt (outfit only - avatar not included):
Hatsune Miku - Anime Hunt
Anime Hunt (Nov 15 - Dec 15)

Two goodies from Sassy! for the Jerky Turkey Hunt.  Do the regular hunt then make it through to the end to get to the prizes available in the sponsors' room for the 2nd one.
Jerky Turkey Hunt Gifts
The Jerky Turkey Hunt (Nov 15 - Dec 15)

Finally, here's some hot new latex for the Dare2Bare Hunt:
Schizo - Dare2Bare 3 Gift
Dare2Bare Hunt 3 (Nov 1 - Nov 30)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

More Halloween releases!

Did I say I loved this time of year?  Well, I guess it also shows in how busy I've been at creating new things that would be great for Halloween!!

Well, here's an iconic one -- it is in black anyway -- the Sassy-fied version of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark's dress.  It's a curve-hugging dress that has a very open and very low neckline and exposes the full length of one leg.  Tattered sleeves and hem finish off this sultry dress.
Elvira dress

And here's just a bit of funness - cell-shaded neko parts!! The cell-shading isn't just a glow.  It makes the parts look like a 2D cartoon - the neon outline always appears around the edges regardless of which way you turn.  Great as a cute addition to your Halloween outfit or for a rave.  Adorable for only 50L per color.
Neon Neko

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Moar latex anyone?  Succubus is pure seduction.  Over a sheer latex bodysuit, lacy organic vines wrap around your curves, revealing just enough.  Maybe not an everyday outfit, this set took forever to make and the quality shows in all the detailed and beautiful lines on it.   Maybe you want to be a sexy, sultry seductress this Halloween?
The whole set comes with the bodysuit, long gloves, stockings, wings, horns and tail (non-scripted). 

This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!!!

Yay!  It's Halloween season - the best time of the year!  I'm seriously looking forward to cooler temperatures, the wind blowing through my hair, finally being able to wear cute sweaters and jackets again.. and of course Halloween!!!  Halloween time at Sassy! also means TONS of hunt prizes and gifts.  There were so many that I had to combine them all into 2 shots rather than have a separate pic for each one!
The best part?  They're all FREE!!! 
Halloween 2011 Hunt Prizes

Come down and celebrate Halloween with us. The sim decorations are teed like Halloween Town from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas and there's even a mini-scavenger hunt on the sim (as part of the Tales of Terror Hunt) for some really great prizes!
Halloween 2011 Tales of Terror Prizes

There are 10 prizes on the sim. 6 of them are from Sassy!, shown above. And the other four are from other talented vendors on the sim:
Tales of Terror prizes other copy

Monday, September 26, 2011

New latex

Well, I'm in a latex-y mood lately.  So here are two new release in the slinky, slippery skin-tight stuff.

Sin is a hot little zippered latex mini-dress that comes with multiple options - 2 different styles in both regular and slightly sheer latex for the equivalent to 4 different dresses! Matching long gloves and stockings in both regular and sheer versions included.
Sin latex

And Cyber Siren is a Tron-inspired full latex bodysuit. With its body-hugging lines and the sheer panels, this suit screams uber-sexy and is totally hot for roleplay!
Cyber Siren

Monday, September 5, 2011

I feel pretty...

Cosmopolitan is a gorgeous party dress. Perfect for an afternoon party, cocktails or that very special date. You'll feel especially lovely and feminine in this dress with a fully sculpted skirt.

Cosmopolitan - all colors

Also, a new month has just begun. So you know what that means... new hunt prizes!!! Come pick them up before they're gone! Here are the preview pics.

Twisted Unseelie Hunt Gift
Twisted Unseelie Hunt (Sept 1 - Sept 30)

American Bazaar Birthday Hunt Gift
American Bazaar Birthday Hunt (Sept 1 - Sept 30)

Meow dress - Just for Fun Hunt Gift
Just for Fun Hunt (Sept 1 - Sept 30)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sexy new chinese dress

Mandarin is a sexy Chinese silk dress. Not quite traditional, it features a partially lacy top with a sculpted collar and a short skirt with high side slits. Lovely fabric and colors in a cherry blossom motif. Very Sassy!

Mandarin dress

Saturday, August 13, 2011


New release. A sweet, ruffly, poofy, romantic poet shirt!

Poet Shirt

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sassy has MOVED!!!

Sassy! has moved to its own sim!  Here are some pics of the new Sassy sim, including the new Sassy! and 1 Hundred. Mainstores.  Come visit us!
Sassy sim 1
Sassy sim 2


Oopseh! I just noticed that I didn't post my latest release when it did come out. Better late than never....

The Scandal outfit was a popular item in the fall when it came out. So now for the summer, I am re-introducing it as a hot new printed tshirt with a built in lace bra! Each color pack comes with 2 different designs.
Scandal tshirt

And even better, the new Sassy! group gift is the Scandal tshirt in a gorgeous pink! I hope you love it as much as I do! Come pick up yours now!
Scandal tshirt (Group Gift)

Monday, July 11, 2011

2 new releases!

Two new releases at the store this weekend:

Elegance is a hot little cropped sweater that is very versatile. Depending on what you wear with it, it can be sexy business, Lolita, goth, or everyday casual!
Elegance cropped sweater

And here's a cute little denim mini-skirt with great texturing and details. It sit low on the hip without being overly revealing. Perfectly comfy and casual for spring or summer days.
Denim mini-skirt

Saturday, July 2, 2011

New July Hunt

So July just started.  After the crazy-busy hunt month of June for me, I might have slowed things down too much for July... Only one hunt starting on July 1st, but its a cool one - the Skull-n-Bones Hunt is a pirate-themed hunt!  Love the theme and can't wait to go hunting myself!  Anyway, here's the Sassy! outfit created for it.

Saucy Lass - Skull-n-Bones Hunt
Skull-n-Bones Hunt (July 1 - July 31)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June Hunt Prizes!

Lookie, lookie!! Lots of hunt prizes available!

Summer Camo - Sand and Sun Hunt Gift
Sand & Sun Hunt (June 15 - July 20)

Scandal tshirt - Hot Summer Hunt
The Hot Summer Hunt (June 15 - June 30)

Ad - Orbit dress - Hollywood Walk of Fame Hunt 2
Hollywood Walk of Fame Hunt 2 (June 11 - June 25)

Summer Mini-Dress - Beached Bunny Hunt Gift
The Beached Bunny Hunt (June 10 - July 10)

Dead Doll - Creature Feature Hunt Gift
Creature Feature Hunt (June 1 - June 30)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New fully sculpted spring dress!

Blossom is an adorable fully sculpted dress with a flirty strapless top cinched high at the waist and flares out to a gorgeous A-line skirt.

Ad - Blossom dress - all colors

Monday, May 16, 2011

New Hunts in May!

The mainstore has moved to a new sim! So since I've been so busy lately, I haven't posted the early May hunt gifts. But the store is currently participating in 4 grid-wide hunts. Here are the preview pics:

Poison mini-dress - Creative Angel Hunt Gift
Creative Angels Hunt (May 17 - June 17)

Cyber Siren - Dark Future Hunt Gift
Dark Future Hunt (May 15 - June 15)

Lawless outfit - CAW Hunt for Life
Hunt for Life (May 16 - July 16)
Benefitting the Relay for Life Charity

Cowgirl - Dare2Bare Hunt 2
Dare2Bare Hunt (May 1 - May 31)

Friday, April 1, 2011

New April Hunt Prizes!

What does April 1st bring? New hunt prizes! No foolin...

Mix & Match Hunt Gift
Mix & Match Hunt (Apr 1 - Apr 23)

Rainy Day Hunt Gift
The Rainy Day Hunt (Apr 1 - Apr 30)

Evil Bunny Hunt Gift
The Evil Bunny Hunt (Apr 1 - Apr 30)