Sunday, October 16, 2011

More Halloween releases!

Did I say I loved this time of year?  Well, I guess it also shows in how busy I've been at creating new things that would be great for Halloween!!

Well, here's an iconic one -- it is in black anyway -- the Sassy-fied version of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark's dress.  It's a curve-hugging dress that has a very open and very low neckline and exposes the full length of one leg.  Tattered sleeves and hem finish off this sultry dress.
Elvira dress

And here's just a bit of funness - cell-shaded neko parts!! The cell-shading isn't just a glow.  It makes the parts look like a 2D cartoon - the neon outline always appears around the edges regardless of which way you turn.  Great as a cute addition to your Halloween outfit or for a rave.  Adorable for only 50L per color.
Neon Neko

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  1. Cat is wearing a pink dress, can I get it?