Saturday, October 20, 2012

New in October

Now that we're somewhat caught up, here's what's new at Sassy! in October...

The SWAG Fest is running for the full month of October.  These are the Sassy! exclusives available there.

The Urban tank top and the Baggy sweatpants come in 9 great designs and coordinates perfectly. The Sporty mini-tank and mini-skirt (non-mesh) set also coordinates perfectly.
Urban top and Baggy sweatpants for SWAG Fest Sporty set for SWAG Fest
These cool Sassy Girl glasses made by Shadz are also available as a gift at the SWAG Fest.
Sassy Girl Shadz
The Boho Culture Fair has just started on Oct 15th.  My exclusive for the Fair is the Bohemian dress, gorgeously textured 9 rich colors and patterns.
Bohemian dress for Boho Culture Fair
The BlackOnly Event has also started on Oct 15th. Sassy! exclusives available only there for the duration: The Milan dress is practically touchable, with its realistically textured strapless dress with a leather corset top and a soft mini-skirt.
Milan dress for BlackOnly Event
You will feel like a starlet in this luxuriously sexy gown with cut out lace panels up the sides of both legs.
Starlet gown for BlackOnly Event
DepravedNation is also having a Scary Face Halloween gacha festival on their sim. These are 2 new items from Sassy! available there.
Pumpkin tank top gacha
Webbed bolero gacha
The new round of Black Market has also just started on Oct 15th. This version of the not yet released Jubilee dress is new and exclusive to the event and available for only 100L!
Jubilee dress for Black Market
The new round of Forgotten Closet has also just started. The theme is Halloween. Both items are available for less than 100L each.
Wisp dress for Forgotten Closet Fever catsuit - halloween
And finally, the Autumn Hunt has just started.
Autumn Hunt - Wiggle dress
The Autumn Hunt (Oct 20 - Nov 4)

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