Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 2014

Summer Disco Dress
Summer Disco dress

Just In Time Watch Set
OMG!- Oh My Gacha Venue - Jersey Shore , Jersey Shore (181, 223, 29)
Just in Time watch set

Daisy Shorts
OMG!- Oh My Gacha Venue - Jersey Shore , Jersey Shore (181, 223, 29)
Daisy shorty shorts

Monaco Dress
The Big Show - Elmira (235,146,21)
Monaco dress

Selene Jacket - Limited Edition

The Limited Edition Selene Underbust Mesh Corset pictured in the ads
has been released in the 2nd round of Project Limited on July 20th!

Project Limited - Metropolis (183, 82, 22) Selene jacket - limited editiAd - Selene jacket redon
Selene jacket white - limited edition
Selene jacket brown - limited edition
Selene jacket red - limited edition

Monday, June 30, 2014

May, Jun 2014

Animal Attraction
Animal Attraction dress

Love At First Sight Dress
Love At First Sight dress

Suga Mama Dress
Suga Mama dress

Gold Digga Dress
Gold Digga dress

Solstice Tank Top
Solstice tank top

Paris Leather Jacket
Paris leather jacket

April Dress Geometric
April dress geo

International Bikini
International bikini

Over The Line Dress
Over the Line dress

Spring Fling Dress
Fourth of July Group Gift - Sassy! Main Store, Sassy (69,124,33)
Spring Fling dress

Summer Of Love Dress
Summer of Love maxi-dress

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mar, Apr 2014

Latex Bandeau Set
Latex bandeau set

Caress Bodysuit
Caress bodysuit

Addiction Dress
Addiction dress

Need For Speed Dress
Need for Speed dress

Rockitude Vest and Skirt
Rockitude leather set

Dance 'Til Dawn Top and Skirt
Dance Til Dawn leather set

French Kiss Dress
French Kiss dress

True Romance Dress
True Romance dress

All I Want Dress
All I Want dress

Thinking Of You Dress
Thinking of You dress

Friday, February 28, 2014

Jan, Feb 2014

Leather Leggings
Leather leggings

Domina Set

Feisty Dress

Drama Set

Cruel Intentions Harness and Bodysuit
Cruel Intentions

Juniper Top and Vest

Gentle Breeze Jacket
Gentle Breeze jacket

Henna Dress

Chance Encounter
Chance Encounter

Spirit Bodysuit
Spirit bodysuit

Fishnet Bandeau
Fishnet bandeau set

Sweet Tart Set
Sweet Tart set

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Nov, Dec 2013

Rockadoll halter and capris
Lethal Embrace
Lethal Embrace dress
Rock On
Rock On
Daydream maxi dress
Daydream maxi-dress Winter Daydream
Rawrrr capris
Rawrrr capris
Sweet November
Sweet November
Delish vinyl set
Madison set
Caution tape
Caution tape
Crochet dress
Risque dress
Military dress
Military dress
Radiance gown
Flaunt dress