Sunday, June 17, 2012

More new releases and hunt prizes

Sassy! has even more new stuff in the store, new stuff at various events around the grid, new discounted item, and 4 new hunt items!

The ZombiePopcorn Carnival is on! Check out the amazing build and shop exclusives from some of the best creators on SL! The exclusive from Sassy! is a summery halter top paired with low-riding loose linen capris.
Bliss halter and Soft linen pants - ZP Carnival

The Censored District sim is having a June Festival. Sassy! has an exclusive new release there too - a sexy little mini-dress called Rapture.
Rapture mini-dress

And of course there are new hunts prizes available at the store too!
Beached Bunny Hunt 2 Gifts
Beached Bunny 2 Hunt (June 15 - June 30)
Summer Love Hunt
Depraved Summer Love Hunt (June 15 - July 15)
TOSL 2nd Bday Hunt
TOSL 2nd Birthday Hunt (June 15 - July 15)

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